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  • Clean sides, top and front of refrigerator.

  • Clean inside of fridge and freezer.

  • Sweep and mop behind the fridge.

  • Clean sink; polish handle and inside of sink.

  • Wipe down counters and backsplashes.

  • Clean inside/outside microwave.

  • Clean wall behind stove.

  • Remove burners/drip pans and clean underneath.

  • Clean sides, front and inside of oven.

  • Empty trash, replace bag.



  • Scour tub, fixtures and shower enclosure.

  • Clean and shine wall tile, shower nozzle, handle.

  • Clean on inside/outside/behind toilet.

  • Clean countertops and backsplashes.​

  • Scrub sink and soap holders. Clean all mirrors.

  • Empty trash, replace bag.

   Living Room, Office, Bedroom

  • Straighten up, neaten blankets (if applicable).

  • Change sheets and make beds if requested by client.

  • Dry dust computer & TV screens.

  • Dust all furniture.

  • Wash all glass (mirrors, picture frames, etc).

  • Empty trash, replace bag.


  All Rooms

  • Dust ceilings and walls within reach.

  • Dust AC vents, fans and blades.

  • Clean lightbulbs and fixtures.

  • Wipe down all closet doors and shelves.

  • Wipe down insides/outside of cabinets, drawers.

  • Vacuum all hard floors, including underneath furniture.

  • Vacuum all floors: tile, carpet and stairs.

  • Mop all bare floors.

  • Clean blinds, window sills, tracks and window glass (interior).

  • Clean both sides of sliding glass doors and door handles.

  • Wipe down: doors, doorframes, knobs and hinges.

  • Wipe down ALL baseboards.

  • Switch plates: Wipe down front of light switches, outlets.

  • Trash: Take bags of trash to an outside garbage can.

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Move-out and Deep Cleanings

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